At Chakramoon, Inc., we believe that you can become an ambassador of your own physical, emotional and spiritual health.  You can take charge of your life by making life-affirming choices.  These choices will support the things that you truly want to manifest in your life.  These choices will build and hold you up.  

The following are testimonials of those who took steps toward wellness and self-empowerment:

Chakramoon has helped me take the time to refocus on my own physical, mental and emotional well-being after the birth of my third child. I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life, and look forward to every life-changing visit!

-Kate S.

My first time receiving Acupuncture was in a community circle with Sharon at the old Sankofa building! I was struggling with seasonal allergies and she cleared them up within the hour of receiving a treatment. I've now been on a beautiful healing journey utilizing acupuncture along the way. Sharon's competence took my healing to the next level!

-Jacqueline C.

Sharon is a truly skilled practitioner- her approach is deeply intuitive, knowledgeable, loving and empowering. I'm deeply grateful for all she brings to her work- I've been beyond thrilled at the changes I am seeing on so many levels since I began treatment with her. Beyond excellent- she is a treasure.

-Kara M.

The best Acupuncturist ever!! She is caring, warm, wise and knows what she does.  I  highly recommend.  

-Anahi G.

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